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NAMI Illinois Remembers

2014 Donations

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Please consider a tax deductible contribution this year to support NAMI Illinois.   

NAMI Illinois is a 501(c)(3) Not for Profit Organization. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

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NAMI  Illinois

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Together, we can shape our future.

NAMI Illinois' powerful mission – collaboratively working with a national organization and Illinois affiliates - to provide education, advocacy and support about mental illness.  We invite you to spend a few moments thinking about the NAMI mission and everything that originally brought you to this very special organization.  Let’s start by being brutally honest for a moment… for the most part, we’re not a group that anyone aspires to belong to.  NAMI is a membership organization with heart and heartstrings that attach us to an illness that even today, people don’t understand… that they sometimes shy away from… and that they sometimes fear.

Most of us know – on a firsthand basis - the fears and frustrations of a chronic illness that still has no cure… but luckily for us, we also know NAMI.  And because we know NAMI, we know friendship, a sense of community, and special bonds that inevitably lead us to hope for recovery and the certain knowledge that we’re not on this journey alone.  Because of NAMI we call people we never would have met - except through NAMI - our friends, colleagues and chosen family. 

Our strength is our resilience and our capacity to embrace hope – for greater community understanding, for better treatments and systems of care, improved access to those resources and recovery from mental illness.  One out of four families is touched by mental illness each year.  Most of them don’t yet know NAMI, but they need us.  They need our support, they need our knowledge and most importantly they need to know they are not alone. 

Our challenge is to be there for them.  An estimated 526,000 Illinoisans are living with mental illnesses.  Let’s make this year a year to:

·        better educate our friends, neighbors and colleagues,

·    find each one of those 526,000 families and individuals who live with mental health  challenges throughout our communities and campuses, and

·    lead the charge for recovery through integrated health care, services and supports that promote mental and physical health.

Join us in celebrating 35 years of NAMI Illinois’ first class education, support and advocacy, and please give to make our 36th year of mission our best yet.

Sincere thanks for all you do to ensure NAMI’s on-going legacy.


 Thank you!

2014 - 2015 Donations 

For A Special Occasion:

In honor of our wedding guests

To Assist NAMI Illinois Family-to-Family Education Training

For being able to get help for Kathleen

Bob's return to work

In Memory of:

Me!...and everyone else!

Terri Anderson

Philip Asplund (multiple donations)

Herman A. Barichello (multiple donations)

Howard Beller

Paul G. Birchler

Michael Brady

C. Stuart Broad (multiple donations)

Dean Caccamo


Elizabeth Conway Castner (multiple donations)

Valerie Cronin

Patrick M. Flynn

Michael Frueh

Marietta Hager

Paul Hart

Fred Herberts

Edward Hermann

Mark Lanter (multiple donations)

Gwen Scandora Mattingly

Melvin David Netchin

Josephine Nowak

Dorothy Peterson

Ted Schultz

Kathleen Smith (multiple donations)

Patrick St. John

Chris Strandberg

Marilyn Tate (multiple donations)

In Honor of:


Illinois Psychiatric Society

My beautiful son and all the others out there!


Janet and Jerry

My son

My Son, Robert

Adam Adamovic (multiple donations)

Maria C. Barr

Robert Blomquist

Hugh Brady

Marjorie and Alonzo Clay

Tom and Judy Clisham

Michael Corley

Kathleen Giardina

Adam Grainawi

Pat and Al Hendrickson

Cathy Hier

Adam Kainz

Michael Kargman

Ernani Magalhaes

Holly McCaffrey

NAMI Group Homes and Residents

NAMI Northern Illinois Volunteers

Patricia Olivet

Dr. Song Piyaka

Jackie Terry



NAMI Illinois May 26, 2014 Memorial Tribute


Please mail your tax-deductible donations to:

NAMI Illinois

218 West Lawrence

Springfield, Illinois 62704



NAMI Illinois is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization...Contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.