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The Germanwings Tragedy   

Statement of Mary Giliberti, Executive Director, National Alliance on Mental Illness


Our Mission-NAMI Illinois (National Alliance on Mental Illness) is a not-for-profit membership organization created to improve the lives of individuals and families challenged by mental illness.  In collaboration with NAMI National, Illinois affiliates and other like-minded organizations, we influence public policies, provide up to date education and support programs, and increase public awareness and understanding of mental illness.


With more than 210,000 members, NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness) 

is the nation's leading grassroots advocacy organization solely dedicated to 

improving the quality of life for individuals living with mental illness and their 

families.  Our Grassroots Logo            Find a NAMI Illinois affiliate in your area. 




NAMI Illinois' Education and Support Programs

Learn more about our signature education and support programs for family members and individuals living with 

mental illnesses




In Our Own Voice    

NAMI Basics

NAMI Family Support Groups

NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group  

Ending the Silence 


Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)



NAMI Illinois' 2014 Partners  

A listing of Illinois organizations and agencies supporting NAMI Illinois' Mission.



NAMI Statement: The Santa Barbara Tragedy; What Can Communities and Families Do?

NAMI Calls on Congress to Promote Nationwide Expansion of Police Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT)

NAMI Honors Exemplary Psychiatrists




Actress Halle Berry Talks about Her New Movie, Frankie & Alice, Mental Illness and Hope in NAMI Interview  



The Department of Education Releases Report on improving school climate and discipline for schools across the country.

Unfortunately, we know that students with disabilities, and especially students with mental illness, are disproportionately affected by disciplinary action in our schools. This report provides guidelines for collaborating with local mental health, child welfare, law enforcement and juvenile justice agencies to develop prevention strategies and identify intervention services, as well as tools and strategies for all school personnel to motivate and engage students in the classroom. This resource is available here: http://www2.ed.gov/policy/gen/guid/school-discipline/guiding-principles.pdf.

Recovery and Empowerment Resource Guide   

Click here to download.  



“Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act 2013”  

NAMI's Position-December 18, 2013

Health Insurance Coverage of Mental Health Services

Under federal law, in most cases, health insurance providers
must provide coverage for mental health and substance use
disorders equivalent to the coverage they provide for medical/surgical care.  Read More.

Kaiser Family Foundation (not associated with Kaiser Permanente) has a calculator where you can enter in some information about yourself and figure out if you qualify for a tax credit or Medicaid. It will also give you estimates of what you will pay for health insurance plans on the Health Insurance Marketplace. Use the calculator.

If you would like to know more about how the health care law affects people living with mental illness and their families, check out our website www.nami.org/healthcoverage.

What is the Illinois Rx Card?

Illinois Rx Card is a FREE statewide discount prescription assistance program. The program was launched to help uninsured and underinsured residents afford their prescriptions.  Learn More.

NAMI Launches Social Networking Site for Young Adults 

Mental Health, Finances, Relationships, Music and More NAMI has launched StrengthofUs.org, a new online 

community where young adults living with mental health concerns can provide mutual support in navigating 

unique challenges and opportunities during the critical transition years from ages 18 to 25.

 A Resource for Families...Hospital Guide: What Families Need to Know About Mental 

Health Treatment

This Guide is designed to help you become the most informed and understanding member of 

your loved one's recovery team.  It  will assist family members and loved ones navigate the 

journey of treatment and recovery.     Order information


Resources for Law Enforcement Officers...These tools are designed for law enforcement officers 

to help them effectively deal with individuals in crisis.


Fighting Stigma by Changing our Language

WRAP Locator Website From the Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Mental Health  

The link below will take you to an introduction to WRAP-Wellness Recovery Action Plan-and an easy way to 

search for WRAP classes by entering your city and zip code.

A WRAP can help a person with a serious mental illness navigate the process of recovery, stay healthy, deal 

with challenging times and reach individual goals. Components include a Key Concepts of Recovery section, a

Wellness Toolbox, a Daily Maintenance Plan, Triggers, Warning Signs and Crisis Planning sections.   


People With Mental Illness

Abraham Lincoln, Virginia Woolf, Lionel Aldridge, Eugene O'Neill, Beethoven, Leo Tolstoy, John Keats, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Vincent Van Gogh,  Issac Newton, Ernest Hemingway, Sylvia Plath, Michelangelo, Winston Churchill, Vivien Leigh, Patty Duke, Charles Dickens, Margot Kidder, Mike Wallace


  2014 NAMI Illinois Partner Organizations   

Community Behavioral Healthcare Association

Ecker Center for Mental Health

NAMI Barrington Area

NAMI Northwest Suburban

Sertoma Centre

Trilogy, Inc.





Fighting Stigma by Changing Our Language

  Use Person First Language in Mental Health Settings**

For Example Say:

Instead of:

He/She has bipolar illness (or a diagnosis of...)

He/She is bipolar

He/She has schizophrenia (or a diagnosis of...)

He/She is schizophrenic

He/She has a mental health condition

He/She is emotionally disturbed/mentally ill

He/She has a mental illness

He/She is mentally ill


Person (singular) with a mental illness (singular)

Persons/people/individuals (plural) with mental illnesses (plural)

The mentally ill... OR People with mental illness (singular)


General Rules to Speak, Write, Respect and Empower By Having vs. Being

To HAVE an illness, or to have the diagnosis of an illness, is notably different than to BE the illness. When I “have bipolar illness,” I recognize that aspect of myself, much as I recognize that I “have brown eyes.” When I “am bipolar,” I take on the identity of BEING bipolar. It becomes me, and I become it. When we talk about an individual as separate from their mental health condition, we recognize the person first, and we acknowledge the person’s power to overcome that condition and live a full life separate from it. I often tell people, “I may have it, but it doesn’t have me!”

**Taken from Illinois DHS/Division of Mental Health Document  




NAMI Illinois is an affiliate of NAMI.    

NAMI Illinois State Office                               

Email: namiil@sbcglobal.net  


217-522-3598 Fax


8:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m. M-F













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